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Once upon a time, two little sunflower seeds nestled snugly together in the soft earth … They talked of God, the Creator of all seeds. They wanted to find Him. …

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He Found Me!

At the conclusion of the first lecture in a college philosophy course, the professor asked for questions. “What is the difference between learning and wisdom,” a student asked. “Learning,” said …

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Now Is The Time

Several critics have called the Japanese motion picture, “Ikiru,” the greatest film ever made. “Ikiru” is the story of an old man’s struggle to attach meaning to his life after …

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Live Wisely!

When we read the Bible story of our “First Parents” living in the Garden of Eden, we can see that Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. For example, Adam …

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Rain Or Shine

There is a story about a wise old woman who had listened carefully to a group of malcontents tell her their problems. “I have some advice for you,” the woman …

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Leap Of Faith

Advice columnist Ann Landers receives an average of 10,000 letters a month, nearly all of them from people who are burdened with problems. Asked if there is one predominant theme …

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